Tanya Markova – Weird Pinoy Band

Tanya Markova is a Pinoy rock band with members all sporting powdered white faces with an interesting look and sound. At first I thought the backup vocals were being done by a woman. I was surprised to find out they were all guys. But it’s all good.

Tanya Markova pinoy rock

They make really good tunes and it’s refreshing to hear a filipino band not just singing about beer or getting drunk. I don’t even understand what most of their songs are about but they sure are catchy as hell. My Favorite songs by Tanya Markova:

  • Picture Picture
  • Linda Blaire
  • Disney Land

I have heard some comments about them being the next Eraserheads. I don’t think so. Not until they diversify their sound. They have a long way to go. The first time I heard, “Disneyland”, I thought it was unpatriotic. I only started enjoying them when  I learned not to take them too seriously. Tanya Markova is not supposed to deep and emotional. The lyrics are simple and funny.

My only complaint is the extra guy with the tambourine. He seems like dead weight to me.


A boy from Cubao. http://twitter.com/cubaoboy

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One comment on “Tanya Markova – Weird Pinoy Band
  1. pinoy bands says:

    totoo pala tong bandang to? kala ko fiction lang sa show ni bitoy. 🙂

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