Damn Filipino Jeepney Drivers!

Some of the least educated people in the Philippines are the one’s responsible for transporting the public in vehicles like Jeepneys, buses and taxi cabs. Yes, the majority of people who take public transportation hand over their lives to these people who barely understand the laws of physics and just got a drivers license by bribing the LTO and cheating on driving test.

Stupid Filipino Jeepney Drivers

You can get a professional drivers license in the Philippines without even knowing how to drive, even if your life depended on yet (or their passengers lives) by giving bribes to the LTO. In other countries, those holding the same positions undergo extremely rigid training before they are given this responsibility. I understand these people just want to make a living but they are not even considerate of other drivers or have simple courtesy on the road.

In my own opinion it is this type stupid Filipino drivers of public vehicles which cause the most accidents, traffic, and road rage. I pray in the near future the government takes extremely strict measures before giving professional licenses to these morons.

Share your jeepney/bus driver horror stories. What do you think can be done to fix this?


A boy from Cubao. http://twitter.com/cubaoboy

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One comment on “Damn Filipino Jeepney Drivers!
  1. izzy says:

    What do i think can be done to fix this?
    May nabasa akosa isang blog ata yun..na gaya-gaya daw tayo…pero as usual there are excemptions…..gaya ng ganitong pag uugali…naisip ko kasi na bakit di gayahin dito sa middle east
    kailangan mag training(Driving school) muna tapos dadaan sa test(govt agency) bago mabigyan ng license to drive…tapos ang payment ay trough debit card or credit card direct sa account ng gobyerno…ngayon pag ganito mababa ang means of corruption…yung iba sasabihin wala kami “debit card…wala kaming credit card” yung iba naman mag sasabing “mahirap lang kami…pag kain ng ng pamilya namin gagastusin pa sa training”……kaya wala paring pag unlad eh lahat may katwiran…di magawang sumunod muna..

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